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Inspiration behind the "Rise of Authentic Power" Collection

"Be the change you want to see’’ is the famous quote by Ghandi, which powerfully inspires this collection.
The paintings are a stunning representation of the energy of this change; one where human kind evolves away from an old pattern that still perpetuates war, poverty, ill health and low self-awareness, to a new standard where we consciously create abundant, passionate lives.

The paintings also reflect the empowerment of women, bringing masculine and feminine energies back into balance, encouraging men and women to once more see each other as equal and be fully respected for their own individual talents.

I want to feel really proud of the world I live in and leave for future generations. Some people have already achieved amazing things, but it doesn’t have to be just a few people, it can be all of us. This millennium can be about us all using our power in a constructive, rather than destructive way, evolving destinies that are inspiring, fun, sustainable and interdependent.

Annimac, a highly respected future trend forecaster, said ‘‘Resisting change is like holding your breath – if you succeed, you die.’’ I have changed myself a great deal, getting rid of old thought patterns, and habits that may have once held me back from living the life I truly wish to live. The personal change I experience is reflected in my artwork. I often find that when I show my work to other people, they too have experienced similar changes, highlighting the incredible interconnectedness of human beings, and all of life.

My paintings reflect the passion, vibrancy and movement of positive evolution. Some paintings have even overwhelmed people to tears, or provoked thrilling goose bumps.

What will your experience be?