Portraits of True Brilliance
A unique gift and an amazing experience for yourself, friends or family members…


    Portraits of True Brilliance

Whether you know the answer or not - my gift is discovering your True Brilliance and translating that into a painting. Your Portrait of True Brilliance will bring your gifts and talents more present in your life, celebrating them and making them more real. I provide the reflection you would see if you looked into a mirror and saw beyond your human form. I go past any negative or stuck beliefs and find the magic that is the real you and celebrate it. If you are already living and breathing your passions then your True Brilliance Portrait is an inspiring reminder to enjoy on a daily basis!

"I still love my picture and look at it every day when I wake up - it inspires me!"
Sharne Van Der Burgh
Unlimited possibilities

"I commissioned a True Brilliance Portrait for myself and my partner to be constantly reminded of all of who I am - my true brilliance - and in having Ian's painting next to mine; the reminder of his full true brilliance too and be inspired by the potential and possibility of what we have to offer together as well as individually."
Pippa Lee

Christine's soul portrait

Detail of Christine’s
Portrait of True Brilliance

"When I first saw Fleur's work, I was captivated by the pulsating energy shining through her pictures. Intrigued to find out how she would portray my own energy, I gave her an open brief commission. Her painting was enlightening and provided a fresh insight for me; one I treasure and value. It now has pride of place in my office and reminds me of who I am and what I can offer in my work with other people."
Christine Marsh

The process I go through is very simple. I hold the persons name(who is the subject of the painting)in my mind and allow their true brilliance and gifts to develop into a stunning, inspirational image. I then translate this/these images onto canvas using acrylic paint. This wonderful process can be done from any distance! I do not need to meet the person, in fact I have not met some of the people who have commissioned me, and yet the painting has been spot-on. I surprise myself sometimes at the accuracy I seem to be able to depict a person's authentic energy, often picking up on wonderful aspects that the person is yet unaware of. Quite simply I have a gift and I am very pleased to be able to offer this gift to the World.

"I was breath taken when I saw the deer in the painting as it is my favourite animal. I don't know how Fleur knew this but I think she is very intuitive. The more I reflect upon my Portrait of True Brilliance the more I gain from it - it is beautiful and I love having it in our home. What a wonderful painting! Thank you."
Jo Pillanger

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Please contact me for a current price list - contact me by email (all prices do not include postage and packing)

How to order a commissioned painting

Please note that I need lots of time to create a Portrait of True Brilliance (at least 2 months). So if you have a special date you wish the painting to be completed for please bear it in mind to commission me well in advance!

This of course also depends on how many other commissions I have at any one time too.
  • After contacting me we will discuss ideas and prices. If you wish to go ahead, I will request a 50% deposit of the total amount (price will depend on size, if it needs framing, and possible delivery costs).
  • I am happy to discuss payment by instalments.
  • The finished painting will either be hand delivered (depending on location), or posted by special, insured delivery.

contact me by email
or Tel: 07989 620 399

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