Radio interview

"The Inner Landscape of Fleur Barnfather". Feb 26th 2013
Santari Green interviews Fleur on the Quantum Creativity radio show,
to uncover the genius inspiration behind her art.

Fleur Barnfather As I paint, another dimension of life leaps onto the canvas eager to Shimmer, Pulsate, and reveal its Unique nature.

Truly, some people on experiencing my pictures have been moved to tears or felt thrilling goose bumps. Emotions are stirred in a similar way to when one sometimes hears a piece of music that just seems to command time to stand still, touching something deep inside us.

A wonderful lady - Molly Harvey - said my paintings are “much needed in the world”.  Why? Because they energise all that is great, beautiful and magnificent about this life on planet earth.  I see us all celebrating this and living in an inspiring, fun, sustainable and interdependent way.

Here are some thoughts that admirers of my work have shared with me…

“Fleur’s work is beyond inspirational. Her paintings tell a profound story of human passion and potential. I fell in love at first sight with Fleur’s work and the affair continues unashamedly!”
Dawn Codrington-Virture - Director of Impressions Training and Development Ltd and Founder of Diva Leaders


“Fleur is more than an artist and is more than a visionary interpreting the flow of consciousness. In her own right, she is the bringing of consciousness to Living Art ~ colour and form will never look the same again."
Santari Green – New Visionaries


"When I first saw Fleur's work, I was captivated by the pulsating energy shining through her pictures.”
Christine Marsh – Director of Prime Objectives


A bit about my background…

My desire to create paintings began when I moved to Jamaica for three years (1996 – 1999). Maybe it was the vibrant colours and stunning scenery that was the trigger! There I began to build up an international client base for my work, selling to Jamaican, American, and European private collectors. Impressing the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, I was awarded a Merit in the 1999 Fine Arts Competition – Professional Painting category. Since returning to the UK, I have continued to inspire private buyers from all over the world.

I have always had an interest in the arts, most probably influenced by my Dad (who is one of Britain’s leading landscape painters). In my primary school years I believed I was going to grow up to be an author (and then a racing jockey – but that’s another story!). Later on I became interested in textiles and pursued a Degree in Textile Design for Fashion. Even though I realised the life of a textile designer was not for me, textile influences can be seen through the use of pattern and texture in my paintings.

During my degree I had a period of ill health, which was the catalyst for me to begin an adventure of reconnecting with my true self. I developed a passion for environmental issues, which highlighted the web of connectivity between people and all of life. As this passion evolved so did my paintings. It is from this place of connectivity that I paint, drawing inspiration from the evolving universe.

1998 Devon House Fair – Kingston, Jamaica
1999 Hummingbird Hotel – Negril, Jamaica
1999 Mutual Life Gallery – Kingston, Jamaica
2001 (Nov.) Global Creatives Leaders Conference – Buckland Hall, Brecon, UK
2001 (June) Evolutionary Network - Brecon, Wales
2002 (April) A Family A’Fayre Conference – Buckland Hall, Brecon, UK
2002 (June) Evolutionary Network - Brecon, Wales
2003 (Dec.) NEST Gallery – Bristol, UK
2003 (April) Women in Business Conference, Bristol, UK
2003 (April – Dec) SOULutions Business Centre, Devizes, UK
2003 (Dec.) The Changing Face of Leadership Conference, London, UK
2003/4 (Dec. – June) Life College Centre, Exeter, UK
2004 (March – May) Café Maitreya, Bristol, UK
2004 (June) Phenomenal Woman’s Conference, Eastbourne, UK
2004 (August) Raw Arts Festival, Candid Arts Centre – London, UK
2004 (Oct) Mivart Open Studios - Bristol, UK
2005 (Oct) Mivart Open Studios - Bristol, UK
2006 (March) Inspirational Art Exhibition, Pierian Centre - Bristol, UK
2006 (April) Inspirational Arts Festival - London, UK
2006 (July & August) Art on the Railings - Chepstow, UK
2006 (Oct) Mivart Open Studios
2006 (Nov) Green Street Gallery - Totterdown - Bristol, UK
2006 Easton Arts Trail, Easton - Bristol UK
2007 (Oct) Mivart Open Studios - Bristol, UK
2007 (Nov) Green Street Gallery - Totterdown - Bristol, UK
2008 (June) Easton Arts Trail - Bristol, UK
2008 (Oct) Evolutionary Network - Devon UK
2009 (June) Easton Arts Trail - Bristol, UK

Education History:
· 1st Class Honours Degree Fashion/Textiles with Business Studies – Brighton University (1990 – 1994)
· B-Tec in General Art & Design – Pontypool College (1987 – 1990)