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Inspiration behind the "Imagica" Collection -
by Santari Green, author of the book "Imagica"

Santari Green - author of ImagicaOne day I started to write about an encounter with a dragon. I felt that I had something that needed to be written. Two years later and I had produced many self-contained beautiful pieces of writing that I brought together into a story. That story represents my observations, experiences and insights into the living world of energy: a world where you can speak with dreams and gain understandings of the deepest mysteries through listening to a butterfly's song.

Dragons though are the main inspiration for Imagica: their contact has allowed me to travel to places that I would never otherwise have imagined existed. Through them I have experienced the subtleties of energy and I've learned how to write poetically and movingly, so that others might discover the enchantment that is Imagica.

To read this book is to recognise your own magicalness and to remember the stories that we created as youngsters. Stories that made sense of our surroundings and described the changes that we went through as we grew up. This is not just another fantasy book - this is an inspirational artform that you will return to again, and again, and again.

[From Part 6 of Imagica - The Making of Magic]
I felt joined with the energy of the fire, so attuned to it that I could detect minute changes in my core. There was a feeling of growth. New senses in me could detect the smallest actions in the energy lightness of my hands: I glimpsed the making of new cells; I witnessed the blossoming of life.

A butterfly formed from the shadow of my hand and flew, its wings a winking of shade and light...

I travelled with the butterfly for a while, captivated by where it would go and desiring to know it better.  I rested in the fold of its beating wings.  A delicate sway held me close to it and I delighted in the flight.  Soon we alighted.  All around us was still.  The wind was gathering itself to blow upon the dandelion down but as yet was only a gentle murmuring.

I slipped from the butterfly and instantly grew in stature. Hearing the wind raise its call, I looked up and met giant clouds towering overhead, their presence filling the sky. My presence expanded even more...

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