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Inspiration behind the "Wave of Creation" Collection

The wave of creation series energises the amazing power of our thoughts and how positive progressive thoughts can really make a huge change to our lives, and the world.

The paintings also depict how closely connected we all are “Due to the fundamental interconnectedness which lies at the heart of reality, your interest is also my interest. …my happiness is to a large extent dependant on yours. Because of this, if we wish for our own happiness, we have to consider others. It is a practical necessity that we do so.” From ‘Ancient Wisdom, Modern World – Ethics for a new Millennium’ by the 14th Dalai Lama

I explore the thought processes involved in manifesting our dreams and ideas, and how all ideas begin by being energised in consciousness. Its almost as if the stars we see twinkling in the sky are all people’s hopes, dreams and desires just waiting for the right time to become real and tangible on earth.

The collection also celebrates this amazing time of change we now live in. Evolution is speeding up and building like a huge beautiful wave, as more and more people are waking up to their immense potential, individually and collectively.

Duane Elgin wrote in ‘awakening earth’: “Because the pace of change is accelerating enormously, we should not assume that thousands or even millions of years will be required for us to achieve our initial maturity as a species. We have entered a time of explosive development….with each successive dimensional epoch there has been a dramatic collapse in the span of time required to move through a given stage…Evolution is quickening at a truly remarkable Pace…In my judgement humanity has the potential to reach its initial maturity within another dozen generations, or roughly 500 years.”

This huge creative wave meets the earth in an amazing dance of transformation. Ideas become tangible projects and events, making real and positive change to individual and collective lives. People are changing the established systems that no longer serve us, with new approaches that go beyond old rules and thought patterns.

We all have waves of creativity inside us. As our waves build and join with other waves, the potential is powerful, beautiful, innovative and evolutional.