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Inspiration behind the "
Midnight Dreaming" Collection

How many of us have ideas and desires that seem to only thrive in the midnight hour when we are sleeping, or perhaps daydreaming?

How many of us try to manifest our dreams and find the day to day stuff of life seems to get in the way?

The Midnight Dreaming series encompasses the magic that is right here right now. A magic which is the essence of vibrant power, fully connected to passionate Life. A magic that smiles sweetly at all cluttered thoughts that can suppress our dreams. Stepping beyond all perceived restrictions we dance into a creation that unfurls the more we abandon ourselves to the flow....

Part of this series was inspired by The Waterboys song “Whole of the Moon”
“I spoke about wings
You just flew
I wondered, I guessed, and I tried
You just knew
I sighed
But you swooned
I saw the crescent
You saw the whole of the moon!
The whole of the moon!”
(extract from the song)

I took from this song the essence of someone who sees the wonder and vibrancy in everything. Someone who needs no proof, or reassurance - they just have an amazing belief in their own wisdom. A person who is lit from within, reflecting the natural worlds’ own luminous, infinite wisdom. Their glorious energy shining out and touching all that they encounter, from near or far. A being that knows that we exist in a world of limitless, infinite possibilities.

The essence of this person is in each and every one of us.

We are creating a world that is stripped of illusion and false promises. We are falling in love with life again. And in this place of ease our wisdom creates a magnificently fun, balanced, sustainable, and magical existence.

I wanted to share with you this wonderful piece about Vibrant Power by Soleira Green which reflects the essence of Midnight Dreaming…


”There's a new kind of power surging through the world today. Many of us are
feeling it. It's pulsing in the air and throbbing through our veins. It's
a connective, collaborative, vibrant power that's different from anything
we've seen before.

It's not just authentic power, which is true and open, generous and
integral. It's beyond that even. It's the kind of power that you have when
you know you're fully connected to Life, running passion for Life through
your cells and feeling the vibrancy of all that wants to stir in the world
consciousness and in our living reality today! It's the kind of power

... lights up the people around you and empowers them to be all they can be,
... stirs the soul and dances with potential,
... delights at seeing people live happy and well,
... finds new and innovative ways of working through challenges,
... loves to dive into the depth of possibility in every moment, situation
and person.

Vibrant power sings! It isn't just my power or your power. It's OUR POWER.
It's what's available to us on the consciousness airwaves and in the very
air itself. It's this power that's surging to the fore in the world today,
that's lifting people out of their complacency and into the adventuresome
creation of new realities and global connectedness. It's the power that
stewards our conscioUS evolution. From this place, we know what's right to
do and we do that because it's got so much passion and perfection for us

It's time for vibrant power to replace dominating and controlling power.
While it seems to me that women are leading the way in the discovery and use
of this new power, it is definitely available to all. If you take a moment
right now to connect into the collective consciousness of all the women, men
and children around the world who are dancing with vibrant power, you'll
discover a dynamic, creative force, a sourceful power which can and is
changing our world.”

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