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"Midnight Dreaming"

Midnight Dreaming's got me high on life and high on love.
So bewitched am I that I can see how you and I'll live forever

So much to give, so much to live for
You can't hide from your star, deny what you are,
So long to go, so far we've come,
This moment's all so mystical
Our lives so magical

Midnight dreaming beckons fantasy to come to life.
Is this make-believe?
Or is this wonderland my home when my lights go down?


Your eyes are shining like the moonlight
Your kind are wise, just like the story of my mind
And time will be born again.

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Further Details

Size: 73 x 58 cm (with frame)

Medium: Acrylic

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All Text and Paintings Fleur Barnfather
Song Lyrics by Richard Braybrooke