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‘‘The Meeting of Magic’’

Jonathan Cattell’s
Birthday Celebration Painting
England, 2009

Size 8 " x 8 "
Medium Acrylic

I was asked to capture Jonathan’s love of Vienna. From photos and intuitive insights I created ‘The Meeting of Magic’, an amalgamation of emotions, memories and special places in Vienna.

Fleur Barnfather

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‘‘I just thought i'd write you a big thank you for the fantastic picture you painted for my birthday present.

I absolutely love it!

The building you painted - the Hofburg - is one of my favourite in Vienna. I was astounded when Lisa told me that you felt the secret door at the foot of the building had had a particular significance for me. It did indeed - something very powerful happened to me in that doorway once and is still a powerful memory even today. You have captured the magic and energy of Vienna so very well. It is a city with a thousand faces and even though it can appear quite classical and conservative, it is without doubt the most vibrant place I have ever lived.

Anyway, thank you so very much for the picture. It has pride of place in our living room!’’




Detail of painting.