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‘‘The Garden of Cosmic Speculation’’
(inspired by Charles Jencks’s garden of same name)

Commissioned by Carolyn Green of the Henry Shaw Clinic – Holistic Dentistry England, October 2008

Size 100 x 80 cms (approx)

‘‘Many thanks for the painting. I do like the chair on the hill! The painting has been much admired by my patients.’’

Carolyn Green

I wanted to create a painting that would reflect the beautiful calm energy of the dentist. I imagined patients being able to lose themselves in the painting, forgetting about the dental treatment they were there for. Although Carolyn is so good at helping you to feel relaxed and comfortable it is never a trauma to visit her dentist practice!
Fleur Barnfather

The Henry Shaw Clinic is an amazing dentist and health and beauty clinic in Winscombe, near Bristol.

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Detail of magical tree and chair.